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That’s It highlights all shades of diversity in the entertainment world, from film and TV to the music and art scene and beyond. Our expert staff recommends the latest film and TV shows along with bringing you in-depth celebrity profiles and behind-the-scenes features. We got the low-down on Tinsel Town! We also review books, toys and all the must-have new products.  Our writers cover the hottest shows, happenings and concerts in Southern California; our calendar of events is an up-to-date listing of everything new and exciting. Additionally, we spotlight how diverse cultures are transforming the entire entertainment landscape into new heights and possibilities.

Get to know our team…

Tee – Founder, Publisher

I’m a WOHM who blogs about my families fun adventures and will bring you news about events happening in the Southern California area. I know how busy life can be, so check out our one-stop-shop for fun giveaways, featured products, and L.A.’s events happening throughout the month. I am a freelance graphic designer, photographer and social media hound and my loves are dogs, photography, animations (stop-motion is my favorite!), Asian culture, and desserts!

sean b thatsSean – Co-Founder

Sean is a husband, father and Los Angeles based music educator and professional drummer. He has a passion for running and sharing his musical world with his daughter.

Mike Lee – Entertainment Editor

Mike enjoys being in a movie theater than staying at home watching TV. As a full-time geek, he collects a variety of toys and pop culture art and has a special place in his heart for things like TsumTsums and Mondo posters. He also writes for GeeksOfDoom.com


Sabina is a pop culture and lifestyle writer. Lover of film and adventures with friends and family.

Deanobot is an avid collector of cool toys and plush, plays video games, loves electronics, pop culture stuff, going to Cons and working on his Mac… in other words a geek. He is a Giant Robot Contributor, enjoys drawing when he has free time and going to art shows

Penny Scott is an award-winning writer/editor and mother of three girls. From taxiing kids to basketball games and ballet class; to hosting “Nacho Nights” and “Silly Slumber Parties”; to staying up ‘til midnight for the latest “Twilight” movie; to exploring the newest dinosaur exhibit, Angela carries the pen of a ready writer in one hand, while also usually holding Ananda with the other. Living in Los Angeles offers this SoCal mom an open canvas of opportunities to share her wondrous journey.

Heather, a physical therapist and mom, currently resides in Los Angeles with her family. They have two kids, Kieran and her new little brother, Brendan. Outside of work, Heather enjoys exploring the city with her family, scrapbooking, pilates and snowboarding.

Erin is the mom of two daughters – Emily and Elizabeth (yes – just like Clifford the Big Red Dog), and a veteran teacher, who has taught everything from Pre-K to Middle School.  After spending several years working in a variety of fields, she realized that working with kids was more her style, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Her top two favorite places to spend time are the beach and Disney World, and she’s pretty sure that’s why her family moved from Massachusetts to South Florida in 2003.  And, even though she swore it would never happen to her, she’s a mini-van driving, soccer mom and loves life.

Erika, a preschool teacher was born and raised in Massachusetts and continues to live there with her daughters Kaleigh and Adeline. Erika enjoys taking pictures of her girls, reading and the occasional glass of wine.

Jill is a mom, writer and former public relations executive, is raising her three young children in New York. She loves taking advantage of the food, culture and entertainment that the City offers its youngest residents. On any given weekend, Jill, her husband and kids can be found searching for the best pizza, cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies the city has to offer.