Les Petit Merveilles Castle Shadow Puppets Review


Shadow puppets are a wonderful way for children to explore light, imagination and mystery! There is no need for batteries or assembly. A sheet or a wall acts as a stage and your kids write the lines. I was recently asked to review Les Petit Merveilles Nighttime Shadow Puppets made by the French toy company Moulin Roty who loves a good adventure. My daughter is obsessed with storytelling and I knew that these puppets would intrigue her.

Moulin Roty offers four shadow puppet sets- Paris Shadows, Castle Shadows, Circus Shadows and Dinosaur Shadows. We requested Castle Shadows which include a dragon, a fairy, royalty and a witch. Each evening we connect as a family and disconnect from the outside world. We read 2-4 books at bedtime and shadow puppetry became a fun alternative from our regular routine. Kids can tell their own stories or reenact their favorites.


I made hand shadows as a child. It was a neat way to entertain my little brother and sometimes we would cut out paper puppets and they would come alive in our world of darkness (our bedroom). Oh, and does anyone remember that Brady Bunch scene where the family was camping and the older siblings cast a shadow of a bear onto the tent?? Now that was an amusing moment!

Playing with shadow puppets is easy to do! Just turn off the lights prop up a flashlight or a lamp and viola you have your own puppet theater! I have to admit that I love these puppets. They have an old-school look and they dress up any child’s room displayed in their accompanying stand. My daughter has been interacting with the characters and starts her story like others have started, “Once upon a time…” Storytelling is fun for all ages and a wonderful creative outlet.


The puppets range from $18-$21 and can be purchased through amazon.com. For more information visit http://www.magicforest.com.

* We received a set to facilitate this review. This is not a sponsored post. This will in no way sway our opinion of the product or service.
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    March 26, 2014

    Those were a lot of fun!


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