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The Muppets Most Wanted is the follow up to Disney’s 2011 film The Muppets. This upcoming comedy-musical opens on Friday, March 21. I absolutely adore this film! I attended the press junket where I learned behind-the-scenes details from stars Tina Fey (Nadya), Ricky Gervais (Dominic Badguy), Ty Burrell (Jean Pierre Napoleon), Kermit, Miss Piggy, Constantine and Sam the Eagle. Sitting in the conference was delightful. The chemistry and the witty responses responses were blowing my mind! I couldn’t believe that the Muppets were a few feet away (so this is what it’s like to be an audience member for the Muppet Show). I didn’t want it to end…

Here are 16 fun  tidbits from the actors of Muppets Most Wanted:

1) The Muppets Most Wanted was originally called The Muppets Again.

2) Constantine, the world’s “Number One” criminal, is from Russia but cannot speak any Russian words. He is also one of 800 siblings.

3) Ricky Gervais is comfortable with singing and always sneaks a song into everything he does. He calls himself a “failed pop” star as he was in a new wave pop duo, Seona Dancing in 1983. Sadly, the pair’s two singles failed to break the top 40.


4) Sam the Eagle does not sing in Muppets Most Wanted but rather speaks his “singing parts”. He is a huge fan of the film’s music supervisor/song writer Bret Mackenzie

5) Tina Fey’s character, Nadya, feels that she is the right woman for Kermit and is less work than Piggy.


6) Constantine is considering leaving behind a life of crime to start a new Netflix original programming called House of Toads. He will be the executive produce and run the show.

7) Sam Eagle feels that Ty Burrell sells himself short. Sam has become Ty Burrell’s life coach.

8) Tiny Fey feels that kids are going to like how funny the movie is. “I think there’s a lot of jokes in the movie and kids who are 8 to 10 years old will take pride in getting the jokes.” Ricky Gervais agrees, “I remember when I was a kid watching the Muppets. I had older brothers and sisters and they would laugh and I knew that The Muppets was cool as well. I think kids relate to that. They like things that adults like.”

9) Ty Burrell was so convincing as a Frenchman that Sam the Eagle believed that he really was one. “I think his portrayal of a Frenchman will go down in history as the most convincing portrayal of a Frenchman in film.”


10) Ricky Gervais doesn’t do anything for reviews or audience or awards. “If you’re worried about pleasing everyone you’re not gonna please anyone. And it’ll send you mad. I’d love it to get good reviews and I’d be lying if I said otherwise but you really musn’t worry about it. You have to do it for yourself.”


11) Kermit addresses the big lick scene- “Tina is happily married. Jeff (Tina’s husband) was there during the shooting and was very supportive.” Tina admits to hallucinating for three or four hours. Miss Piggy’s response to the lick? “That’s the last thing you’re gonna lick sister.”

12) Ricky Gervais likes playing a slime ball and a villain in movies. “I’ve liked playing flawed characters, it’s fun. It’s sort of an exorcism.”

13) Miss Piggy refused to meet Tina Fey during the filming of Muppets Most Wanted.

14) Ricky Gervais loves frogs and thinks that Constantine is his best buddy.

15) Missy Piggy spent little time with Celine Dion but felt that the experience was very meaningful to her.

16) Will Kermit ever propose to Piggy? His response to Miss Piggy’s Vivienne Westwood designer wedding dress- “Lucky for me she didn’t get to keep the wardrobe.”

Visit the Official Site: http://disney.com/muppets

* We attended the press junket to facilitate this post.

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    March 20, 2014

    Awesome post! Love the tidbits


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